Thursday, February 22, 2018

This is a Thing That's Happening

Welp, we went to the interest meeting last night and learned about the process of fostering to adopt.  We were nervous and excited all at the same time.  The small conference room was literally packed.  The representative of The Agency said that this was the largest crowd they had ever had at one meeting. 

So, what we mostly learned about was the process. 

The first step is the application.  Three pages of paper that The Agency will use as the first marker to determine if we are a good fit for them.  We give references, answer questions about our income, history, and interest.  If we are found to be a good fit, we move to the first interview. 

We will meet with our representative from The Agency to discuss what we are looking for, the process, and requirements.  We will dive deeper into what this will look like and talk about what we hope to get from this process.  Again, they can choose to stop the process here if we are not a good match. 

If we make it to step three, there is a 6 week in-person training as well as additional online training that is required.  We meet for three hours a week to get training on the process, the emotions associated with it, and discussion with current foster parents.  At the same time, we will get started on our paperwork.  This includes a questionnaire, an autobiography, a letter from our doctor, and financial information.  We also have to get fingerprinted and CPR certified.

From there, we have 2 home visits, one of them will be unannounced. 

They said on average, this takes 6-9 months. 

The good news?  We've already been approved for the first interview! 

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