Thursday, July 13, 2017

Join a Knitting Group!

That's been some of the best advice I've received recently.  One of the knitting podcasts I listen to really emphasized it.  Go out.  Meet other knitters.  Join a group.  You'll love it, we promise.

To say I was skeptical is an understatement.  I have some (read: MAJOR) social anxiety, so putting myself out there was the last thing I wanted to do.

I had been to our local group a few times before, but never really felt like a fit.  When my wife and I moved, it happened to be to the same town where the knitting group met up every Saturday morning.  I knew some of the girls from my previous foray into social knitting, and I decided to push myself into going.

It also just so happened that a brand new local yarn store was having a soft opening that same day, and the group decided to meet there.

Well, those podcasters were not wrong.  It's been almost five months since that day, and I feel like I've gained so much.  If I have a knit-mergency, I am no longer stuck googling and youtubing until I find a solution that seems like it works okay.  I can go into the yarn shop or wait until knitting group (which is now TWICE a week!).  I have friends that I get to talk to.  I get out of the house and go to events at the store.  I have not only expanded my knitting skills, I have significantly expanded my social calendar.  This is not something I ever would've thought I'd wanted.

Last night was Knit Night, and I realized how far I've come.  When I open the shop door and I'm greeted by all the friendly faces that are happily knitting at the table, I exhale.  I breathe.  This is what I look forward to.  No matter how busy I am professionally or personally, knit night is the one thing I do a week for me.  I feel like I can reset myself and take a break not worry about everything else.  I feel accepted.

Join a knitting group, I promise you won't be disappointed.

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