Monday, March 20, 2017

Put a Price Tag On It

This weekend, the girls in my book club asked me about what knitting projects I've been working on.  I told them about the Cracker Jack socks that I'll be casting on for the Phillies this season.  I will be knitting one sock for home games and one for away games.  A win is a red row and a loss is white, with blue for the toes and heels. 

They were all super excited about it and thought it was just the greatest idea.  My mom suggested that at the end of the season I could think about selling the socks.  I got to thinking about this, and I've never really put a price tag on what it would cost for my knitting. 

The yarn alone cost me $25. 

If I were paid my hourly rate that I get during the work day, my hours of work would cost $352.80 in labor, based on how long it typically takes me to knit. 

That totals my socks to $377.80 for one pair. 

You can buy a pack of 10 pairs of socks at Walmart for less than $10. 

I don't think people have been valuing my knitted gifts enough.  I think the Knitmore Girls are right, I need to be a more selfish knitter!

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