Wednesday, March 29, 2017

All the Cotton!

I've been knitting away at my Doodler Shawl, got a few more wedges done and I'm almost to the point where I was when I had to restart. 

After I finish the last wedge, I'll be using a lifeline to prevent the catastrophe that happened the first time I attempted this.

I've also added quite a few new beauties to my stash recently! 

My mom was at a resale state in a cute little town in the southern part of the state where I live and found a big bag of yarn.  She diligently checked the label to find out the fiber content (because she knows that acrylic is a no-no), and after seeing it was cotton, she picked it up for me.  She paid $15, and it was actually a pretty good haul.  It looks pretty obvious that someone bought this yarn with a project in mind, and I wish I knew what it was.

There were nine skeins of Classic Elite Flash yarn in Sweet Pea.  It's really hard to get a good picture of the colors.  It looks pinkish, but when you look closely you see this rainbow of yellow, pink, and blue. 

It also had seven skeins of Debbie Bliss Amalfi in the colorway 32001, not sure of the name. 

If you have any project ideas for these two yarns, let me know!

I must be on a cotton kick right now, because I also picked up some cotton from the Yarn Maven when I was there on Saturday. 

The Classic Elite Mika is just so, so pretty and soft and lovely.  This colorway is called Bumblebee and it is just so pretty.  Yellow is my favorite color, but it's tough to find a yellow yarn that isn't obnoxious or bright and would look good on me.  This is the perfect thing.  

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