Saturday, February 6, 2016

So much for that...

I had the best of intentions, I really did.  I wanted to put so much more into this, but I got lost in a job, a direct sales business, and a recurrence of Lyme Disease.  All those combined kind of took me away from all of my life for a while, but now I'm back, and better than ever!

So, let's have a quick update.  Currently, I'm not working (aside from the aforementioned direct sales business, which I LOVE).  I've had a few interviews, and hopefully will be getting some good news soon.  As I mentioned, I've been dealing with some issues from Lyme Disease.  I was diagnosed back in 2012 and had to take time off from college because of it.  For some unexplainable reason, my symptoms returned with a vengeance.  Although I have the worst of it under control, my pain doctor has found a complication that has made my life pretty difficult - I have cysts on my spine.  There are a few cysts between the bottom joints of my spine, making walking, standing, and lifting ridiculously painful.  Pain medication doesn't help, and some nights my muscle relaxers are the only reason I'm able to sleep.

A few months ago I had a procedure that was amazingly helpful.  I had several large needles inserted into my spine to inject me with medicine and attempt to drain the cysts.  It was almost as painful as it sounds, and twice as terrifying.  I was awake for the whole thing, which is not something I ever wanted to experience.  I had two days of pain where I pretty much did nothing but lay in bed and moan, but then it was better!  I could move and wiggle and dance and walk and it brought tears to my eyes.  I was able to be a person again!  Unfortunately, it only lasted about three months.  I have the option to have the procedure again (every three months).  I'm sure you can imagine the stress, money, and time that would entail.  For now, I'm working on finding a better solution.

Oh, and since we're updating, I guess I should let you know: I got married!

Photos courtesy of Avenue Media
That's right!  On September 12, 2015 I married my best friend and had the greatest day of my life.  We had such a blast and it was everything I wanted and more.

Yes, we recreated the Bridesmaids cover.

It was a rainy day at a winery.  The music was loud, the food was impeccable, and the wine was plenty.  I am so in love with my wife, and I can't believe that we've already been married for almost five months.

So, that's it.  That's my life, that you missed.  This time, I promise to be back.  I will be posting every other day ( know how I am...)

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